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Car Scents: "West Coast Cowgirl"

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WEST COAST COWGIRL:  The Female Version of Honky Tonk Man! Sunny and high 80’s you’ve got your SPF 5 tanning lotion that smells like a tropical vacation even though you are at your arena working horses because that’s the only vacation you get.  You mixed a coconut blended daiquiri to sip on to slow down and enjoy the weekend.

(This one might be a new fav! It’s in between masculine and feminine scent! It’s tropical but has a small bite!)

"West Coast Cowgirl" Car scents available in 15 different designs!  

These are thick and durable car scents with your favorite designs, packed full of refreshing smells.  

Disclaimer: scents are made with essential oil bases and might come with a slight oiley discoloration and or oiley residue-this is normal.  


Please allow 2-4 business days for processing and packaging.