Custom "Quick-Draw" Sketches

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We offer "Quick-Draws" about once every year and thought before the holidays would be the best time!

(Drawing Commissions normally start close to $400)

Custom Quick Draw Sketch includes:

-Custom "Quick" 8"x10" pencil Sketch

-MUST be of animals only (any animal picture as long as there are no copyright conflicts)

-Final Sketch will be shipped to your shipping address of choice

-Artist owns full copyright to QuickSketches including reprint rights (Unless you purchase copyright to the sketch you can own the full image and reprint, copy, reproduce sell etc.)



Key Notes about "Quick Sketches":

-Final copy is FINAL COPY

-There are no edit opportunities like there normally would be in a commisioned piece

-Quick Sketch is QUICK Sketch...Meaning amount of detail and placement will be soley determined by the artist descrestion.  If you want a perfectly symmetric portraiture of your furline "Fluffy" this is not the purchase for you.  These are a fun way for artist to keep up on sketching skills while offering a service to our customers that we don't normally offer.  


Let's have fun and enjoy these!!  Once purchased email your photo(s) to:



ETA on sketches will be approx. 10-14 business days from date of purchase.